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Inspiring legendary performances through amazing facilities.

In 2008, our Women-owned business began with an idea to create the highest quality of visually impactful mats for athletic and commercial facilities. With a career in interior design and experience with commercial and sporting facilities, we saw a need for both commercial branding and sports logos. 

Our color selections for our mats were expanded and we began offering intricate logo capabilities, in a heavy-duty carpet that would stand up to the wear and tear of both athletes and heavy foot traffic. From our roots in Georgia, our company has since expanded nationally and internationally.

Enhance Mats has proudly teamed up with Facility Armor, LLC. and is now the leading distributor of Facility Armor sports surface protection, including gym floor cover protection, as well as Track Armor and Tunnel Armor.

Today, Enhance Mats ships nationally and internationally, and we are the predominant leader in dynamic flooring solutions. Products are sold and shipped to Canada, the Caribbean, Puerto Rico, with additional countries added each year. 

Our clientele includes over 2000 colleges, as well as high schools, educational and medical facilities, businesses, hotels, government buildings, military facilities and churches. 

As an SBA certified and women owned business, we address and now develop products for the safety, function, branding, and the protection of flooring and surfaces – indoors and outdoors.

Our cutting-edge designs and products offer visual appeal and provide moisture wicking and revolutionary anti-microbial materials that are functional, vibrant, and enhance safety and comfort for staff, customers, patrons, and guests. This means every location or site will have superior protection, and the Sports and Team logos will be an inspiration to athletes, fans, patrons, and customers alike. 

Enhance Mats prides itself on personalized customer service, as we work with each Coach, Athletic Director and Client to brand and protect their ‘Winning Facility’.

Have a project in mind?

The team at Enhance Mats can provide the best solutions. Call 877-318-8625 or email us at: sales@enhancemats.com.

Custom Logo Mats and Locker Room Branding

Our innovative products are functional and bold in their ability to brand and protect your facility while ensuring the safety and comfort of athletes, staff, customers, and guests. Enhance Mats looks forward to continuing the development of our growing line of functional, protective and statement making products.

Whether you have just refinished the old floor surface of your existing gym floor or invested in a new wood gymnasium floor, it is critical for facility managers to quickly put a plan in place to protect the gym floor surface from daily wear and tear and heavy duty damage.

Our gym floor covers offer a carpet surface that is moisture wicking with a non-skid moisture resistant backing to protect your floors. Positive reviews from athletic directors, facility managers and church coordinators emphasize the easy handling, deployment and hassle free storage of our product. The reviews rank the new technology as far superior to the qualities of Vinyl and Tarp gym floor covers.

Get the Ultimate Protection for Your Athletic Facility with Enhance Mats

The Revolutionary technology offers ‘True Protection’ versus just ‘covering’ the gym floor, creating an aesthetically and acoustically pleasing multi-purpose facility for special events, commencements, concerts, church services, trade shows and other functions.

Enhance Mats has gone beyond industry standards to reach new heights in gym floor cover and facility protection.

Our Custom Logo Entrance Mats and Logo Locker Room Athletic Mats and Custom Carpet provide Branding, Safety and Protection across the country for football, baseball, golf, hockey, wrestling and other sports in colleges, high schools and pro team locker rooms and athletic facilities.

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