College Recruits-#1 Benefits of Sports Locker Room Custom Logo Carpet and Logo Mats

Your School. Your Statement. Your Brand.

Sports Locker Room Custom Logo Carpet and Logo Mats: Better College Recruits 

College branding has become an increasingly important component in the highly competitive industry of higher education.

Each school works hard to recruit and retain the brightest and best students, athletes, faculty and staff by creating a Brand that speaks to the qualities of their institution.

Enhance Mats is proud to work closely with each school to provide a custom logo mats, athletic locker room custom logo carpet and sports locker room logo flooring that meets their needs while maintaining a reasonable price range.

Enhance Mats is working closely with schools across the nation to assist in the campus branding campaign with dynamic logo flooring and logo mats for the whole facility, indoors and out.

Check out the Ole Miss Branding Campaign:




We specialize in custom mats with logos and custom carpet with logos that reflect your school  Brand and Spirit.

There are no limitations to the detail or logo size in creating your custom logo mats or glue down custom logo  carpet. Arena/Stadium/Athletic Facility Logo Mats.

At Enhance Mats we are dedicated to providing quality craftsmanship, industry leading products and customer satisfaction.

Our network of highly-trained sales representatives are ready to assist you, from the design and specification of your project to a turnkey installation. 

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  • Dynamic college recruiting pathways
  • Outstanding sports locker rooms
  • 41+ colors for base and logos for sports logo mats
  • Maximum protection for your facilities
  • Any size matting or logo graphics
  • Unlimited matting size capabilities
  • Indoor and outdoor uses
  • Heavy duty edging adds quality and durability


Our experienced team at Enhance Mats look forward to assisting you with your project.


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