Track Armor/ Running Track & Sideline Covers

TRACK ARMOR: Running Track, Crossover and Football Sideline Covers

 Track Armor 

Enhance Running Track, Crossover and  Football Sideline Protectors are ultra durable matting that protects your track and field from costly damage caused by players’ steel tipped cleats, maintenance vehicles, equipment wheels and walking traffic.

Simply roll your cover out for Game Day, school activities, summer camp, graduation or other special events….it stays flat and smooth and is easily rolled up for storage. Running track protectors  come in 6′ and 12′ widths with heavy duty Bright Red Safety reducer edging glued and sewn on for extended safety and performance.

Graduation Time? Your field and track are about to see high heels and other shoes that aren’t meant to walk across that track. Available in 6′ or 12′ with with safety edging in 2 colors, the recycled antimicrobial topcloth,… can’t afford to NOT protect your track!

Special Events: When it is time to transform your track and football field to a non-sporting event like commencement or other special activities, Enhance Mats high durability covers are your best solution. The weight of the cover keeps it in place, simply roll up and transport for easy storage. Bright Red safety edging adds safety and performance.

Key Features:

  • Weatherproof extruded ribbed vinyl backing is tough yet pliable and easy to roll up and store
  • 100% recycled top cloth is durable, virtually stainproof, and very easy to maintain
  • Heavy enough to stay put, yet light enough to move when needed.
  • Available Bright Red safety edging is glued and sewn on for extended safety and performance

Standard Widths: 6′ and 12′ widths

Custom Lengths: available up to 100′

Color: Charcoal

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